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Charles by rorsdors
Portrait in oils on MDF, about 225mm by 292mm.

Jpeg not the best .

Haven't been on the site much lately as I'm finding that it won't load much of the time. Don't know what the problem is, bit of a bummer.
Wedding painting by rorsdors
Wedding painting
Oil on mdf, 293x305mm.
Wedding gift that started off as a bit of fun but got complicated! Originally the idea was to do a Wombles wedding painting  as the woman whose wedding it was had been a big wombles fan. Then folks got cold feet as it might be thought we were taking the piss. So instead we got this.
The rose is for the girl whose from Sheffield, and the symbol for Sheffield if a white rose, the guy is a Buddhist so Buddha. The map represents their marriage,a voyage to new lands, the thistle harks back to the background of the girl whose family is from Scotland, but it's a sea thistle not the Scottish thistle to reflect the map and the new voyage they are undertaking on the sea of life.
The grapes are symbols of the Eucharist  and the wedding of Cana and of fecundity.
The two apples are the fall of man, in which Adam holds an apple and the redemption of man in which Christ holds and apple.
The lemon is for fidelity,in paintings when represented with the virgin Mary, in dreams a lemon tree is about  cleansing, this tree's energies balance the aura and help to keep it cleansed of negative emotional and astral influences.
And in the background on the map are the wombles!!
Loads of references from Devainte art,mmp_stock for the bottles and the map,1989juni for the Buddha,chop_stock for the lemon and bvandenberg for the white rose, couldn't have done it without you!
House-and-horse by rorsdors
Oil on MDF, 18 inches by 27inches. 
Commission work which is of the husbands horse and their new house, had to redraw the horse about 5 times to get it right!! I know squat about horses
so the lady made sure I got it  right.
The boy not totally happy with, but I'd gotten to that point where I knew it wasn't going to improve unless I started all over again,I felt 
she'd rather have the painting than wait some more.
This photo is erring a bit on the blue side, the colours of the sky is less strident.


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